May 21

Hello Friends!

By Maddy | art , calligraphy , lettering , original , pet portraits , pet portraits, animals, colored pencils , watercolor

Aloha! I just set up this brand-new site featuring my love for art and lettering.

My name is Maddy and I love art and calligraphy! Please be patient as I am setting up and tweaking this site.

Just a short history on me. My love for art began when I was a wee little tot, enamored by my daddy’s drawings and art. He is the one that taught me everything about it! He was a great artist.

I just “re”started my drawing craze… I mean, I feel like that is my happy place. Drawing and creating things on paper or canvas is so relaxing and therapeutic. And what comes out of that creation “therapy” never ceases to amaze me. I must admit, I have a little help. I have a Papa (my heavenly father) who really loves me and teaches me new things every day. I love Him so much! I owe my everything to Him. And just to know He approves of me and loves me to the core means the world to me.

So please check back here often. Follow me on Instagram @oilnwine and on my Facebook page Tree of Life Art.

Check out my lettering!


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