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Hand Lettering vs Calligraphy Nib pens and brushpens

By Maddy | calligraphy , lettering

Happy June!

Have you ever been in awe of beautiful letters and wanted to learn how to write like that? My handwriting IS pretty decent, but if I’m the least bit in a hurry, it all looks like chicken scratch to me.

My favorite is calligraphy using a pen and nib the old fashioned way. It takes a bit of practice though. In fact, I don’t think you can have enough practice.  One thing to remember is that when you’re using a nib pen and ink (like Sumi or India) you always have to make sure you are using nice smooth paper, preferably paper that is especially made for that. Otherwise the letters bleed into the paper and it just gets to be a big mess. You can get the Strathmore Calligraphy paper from Amazon.  But for just practicing, you can get a regular composition pad from Walmart. I like that better than regular binder paper or even copy paper because it’s so smooth.

In the photo below, I used a composition binder. See how it doesn’t bleed? The blue ink is FW Pearlescent and I am using a Blue Pumpkin nib. The black ink is Yasumoto Black Sumi ink using a Brause ef66 nib.

Lettering vs Calligraphy, nib pen, blue pumpkin, brause ef66, oilnwinedesign.com #calligraphy #dippen

As I mentioned before I love to include art with my calligraphy. Here is a recent one I made with a butterfly in Polychromos (colored pencils).

lettering vs calligraphy, colored pencil, oilnwinedesign.com #calligraphy #polychromos

Lettering (hand lettering or brush lettering) is different because you use special markers or brushes.

Using brush pens is a faster way to do the lettering. It is fun and easy to do! You can start off with regular Crayola Super Tips, which you can get just about anywhere.  Once you feel that your lettering is improving or you just have the money to spend, I would consider Tombow Dual tip brushpens or Koi brush pens.

Here is one that I did with Tombow pens, using both the large and small tips.

Lettering vs Calligraphy, brush pen, oilnwinedesign.com #tombow #handlettering

I would encourage you to join a hand lettering group. If you are on Facebook, a good one to join is Dawn Nicole’s Art & Handlettering group. It is a closed group but if you want to join, I can send you an invite.

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