New Digital Planner, SALE and Debt FREE Screams

By Maddy | art

Nov 10

New Digital Planner in my Etsy Store

Digital Planner, SALE, Debt FREE Screams, digibujo, ipad planner,

Well ALOOOOOOHA! Sorry for the long MIA but October was a super busy month for me. I went to see my family in Las Vegas, finally finished up my old job, I did get a lot of things done.

My husband and I areĀ attending this amazing class called FPU, or Financial Peace University. It is a “getting out of debt” class by Dave Ramsey. It is the most amazing concept I have ever seen and am learning and I am just elated about it. Their way of taking charge of your finances is based on Biblical principles. Not only that, but in my opinion, it is THE answer to a lot of financial problems. Did you know that a high percentage of divorces are because of their finances?

So many young people (ages 20-30) are in debt up to their eyebrows in student loans and have huge credit card bills. My husband and I have decided to TOTALLY get out of debt and get rid of our credit cards. You want to see something crazy? Have you ever heard of a “Debt Free Scream?” This happens a lot in the Dave Ramsey world and I challenge you to google “debt free scream” or just search YouTube.

Here are the Top 10 Debt Free Screams. (It’s very emotional).

I will definitely keep you updated on our getting out of debt story.

So here is my new digital planner, or as they like to call DigiBujo, which stands for Digital Bullet Journal.

Digital Planner, SALE, Debt FREE Screams, digibujo, ipad planner,

AndĀ it’s all good, and I have a new product out. It’s a digital planner called Enchanted World. You use it with the Goodnotes app on the iPad. I believe that it also works with other appss like Metamoji and other Android apps.

I used to design digital scrapbook kits and I used a couple of my kits to create this. The tabs are clickable and it will take you to the respective pages in the planner. I added some frames that can be cutomized, like added your own photos, etc.

If you are familiar with Procreate you can actually create things in there and export the files the Goodnotes app can use. Here is the January calendar page with my newest grand daughter.

Digital Planner, SALE, Debt FREE Screams, digibujo, ipad planner,

It comes with a sixteen pieces of clipart (7 of those are frames). Here are a few samples. For a complete list and photos, please go to my Etsy store.

Which reminds me, I am having a 10% storewide sale for a limited time. So take a moment and visit and grab your copy! This includes monthly, weekly, and daily pages.

Digital Planner, SALE, Debt FREE Screams, digibujo, ipad planner,

Enchanted World frames & cliparrt

Before I forget, I have a freebie for you. DOWNLOAD here.

There is still so much to learn for me. But I am SO happy I found this way of digitally planning your schedule. So ahui ho (until next time in Hawaiian). Aloha!


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