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Oct 09


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Hello October, Red Pony, freebies, calligraphy, oilnwinedesign.com, art by maddy fernandez, maddys art,

Well, it’s another month and my goodness, October and Fall are upon us! Also, you might be wondering what the top photo is all about … Well here’s what I posted on Instagram yesterday.

Red Pony

We had a laugh the other day with some friends. The subject came up about actresses and I mentioned that I was an actress at one time. ? The movie that got me into SAG, Screen Actors Guild, (way back in da day) was called The Red Pony, starring Henry Fonda and Maureen O’Hara. I was playing a Chinese call girl and in this scene I got a “line” in the movie, which officially got me qualified for getting paid actors’ wages. Thanks to Henry Fonda and Victor Sen Yung, who coaxed me into saying one line in Chinese… which later got snipped so it is not even in the original movie anymore… Good memories, though.. one of the best I can remember from Hollywood. My sister and I lived right “around the corner” from where this was shot in the Samuel Goldwyn Studios. I got this photo from the set photographer and still have it. I added a caption with my apple pencil (yay!) and qualified it as a IG post.

Bye September

So September had been a super busy month. It was the last month of my Harvoni, and I was still feeling the side effects and fatigue from it. This month our refrigerator decided to break down, which has still not been resolved because I am on my THIRD refrigerator order. September also marked a beginning of our Financial Peace University. If you’re not familiar with FPU or Dave Ramsey, do yourself a HUGE favor and check it out. In any case, I’m glad September is over and now it’s time for fall.

Hello October

Oh did I mention that October was my favorite month? Well, it always was while I lived in a place that has four seasons. Hawaii is so different, no falling leaves. I did the artwork below using watercolor and also Tombow dual tip brush pens. Make sure you check out the ad on top because Dick Blick is having a great fall sale. PLUS FREE shipping on orders of $35 or more. Promo code is CEKJ.

Hello October, Red Pony, freebies, art, calligraphy, oilnwinedesign.com, art by maddy fernandez, maddys art,

Free shipping on orders of $35 or more. Exclusions apply.

Just to let you know, I am not doing a challenge this month. I am going to be traveling to Las Vegas. It’s just a family visit and I hope I’ll have some time for art! I’ll be enjoying my “favorite month” celebrating my mom’s 92nd birthday. Go, Mom!

I am thinking about doing one for the month of November. So keep your eyes peeled.

Financial Peace University

Going back to my statement about Dave Ramsey and his FInancial Peace University. I can’t tell you how much this program has helped me. Check out his latest radio show below:

Last but not least

I do have a freebie for this month. Hey, better late than never!

Hello October, Red Pony, freebies, art, calligraphy, oilnwinedesign.com, art by maddy fernandez, maddys art, freebies

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