Goodbye old friend. Until we meet again.

By Maddy | art

Aug 22

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goodbye old friend, until we meet again, kala,

It was only a few months ago that I drew this portrait of my dog Kala. Last Friday we had to put him down. It was a a hard decision to make because we’ve had him for 8 years. He was such a part of our family. Even now I am still torn up because there wasn’t anything we could do. So, goodbye, old friend. Until we meet again. I’m a firm believer that all dogs go to heaven.

So, I just had to share this drawing of my sweet Kala. He was such a sweet dog, and loved to give us a scare by running away all the time! But I taught him how to heel, how to sit and shake his paw. Awww. I will always remember him. I used Faber Castell’s Polychromos colored pencils for this drawing. I really like these pencils. So far they are my favorite.

On a lighter note I’ve been enjoying the challenge. (If you want to join, check out my instagram here. It really feels that this list of prompts was just for me. There were a few others that joined in. Here are a few of pieces I’m featuring by participants along with one of mine.

First of all, please check out Amanda‘s (@scriptworthyco) Instagram. She did the beautiful gold lettering. Next is @nykwrites, who made the beautiful floral piece.  The one at the bottom right is done by @vjstuff. Check out all of these wonderful artists on Instagram!

If any of you would like more challenges, I wouldn’t mind hosting them! I am already thinking about one for September. Watch for announcements on here and on my Instagram.

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