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Sep 14

New Paintings & Greeting Cards in my Etsy store

By Maddy | acrylic , art , painting , printable

New Paintings & Greeting Cards in my Etsy store,

Aloha and long time no C!

Sorry I’ve been MIA for so long! Today is my very last day for my Harvoni treatment. I took my last lab test today and now it’s back to the road of recovery. Everything else has been sorta on hold. I stopped going to the gym, I had to watch what I ate, I couldn’t take any herbal (anything!), no supplements, etc. I am just SO GLAD that I’ve passed this milestone. I am waiting for the Harvoni to get out of my system, which I think will take about a week at the most. Anyway… I have some new paintings & greeting cards in my Etsy store! I’ve been working hard to get all my stuff listed. I didn’t realize I have SO much art! The one shown above is a digital file of my original mixed media/acrylic paintings, entitled “Spirit of Worship.”

New Paintings & Greeting Cards in my Etsy store,

Victory Dance

The one above is called Victory Dance. It was in July 2008 when a friend of mine and I went to the Florida Outpouring. It was just an amazing event that went on for weeks. Possibly a month. I started painting what I saw in the spirit and wow, God gave me lots of beautiful things to create. The one below of the angel standing up tall was of a vision someone had of this angel standing on the freeway, this huge angel. His name was the Angel of the Winds of Change. Florida has been on my mind because of the recent hurricane Irma that just wreaked havoc there. But it could have been much worse. So I thank God for His hand on this country.

New Paintings & Greeting Cards in my Etsy store,

Watch for other listings in the next few weeks to come. I have also been working on some greeting cards. Trying to get ready for the holidays. So, just a heads up: I have new paintings & greeting Cards in my Etsy store. So be on the lookout for my new items in my Etsy shop. Till next time.

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