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May 30

My Favorite Art Tools

By Maddy | art , giveaway , lettering , watercolor

I hope everyone had an good Memorial Day Weekend. I hope you had fun! We did go to the beach and also celebrated my hubby’s birthday. I also created my first newsletter and sent it out. Big victory here lol. I have had my brain wrapped in html code, trying to see what fits.. and I know things will probably change from time to time.

Getting back to the subject, My Favotie Art Tools. I have a ton of favorites when it comes to art. I can list some of my favorites here.

I am only going to be listing a few tools at a time, or else this will take long to read. ¬†ūüôā¬†For modern calligraphy and brush lettering, I just LOVE the Pentel¬†Fude Touch pen.¬†See artwork below that was done with it.

Favorite art tools. Using Tombow fudenosuke brushpen for calligraphy. #penteltouch

This was done a long time ago as you can see by my shaky¬†writing. By the way, I am affiliate with a lot of merchants, and¬†by using my links (which won’t cost you anything extra), but it will help me generate a little bit of income from them.

Pet Portraits

Favorite art tools: Polychromos colored pencils by Faber Castell. #polychromos #coloredpencils

This is a portrait I did of my dog Kala. If you are interested in getting a pet portrait done of one of your pets, please contact me to find out about prices/quotes.   Prices start at $75. This is a 9X12 portrait done in colored pencils. It takes me a while, depending on the size of the drawing and how detailed it is. This portrait was made beautiful colored pencils called Polychromos (by Faber Castell). I really like them.

Last but not least, if you sign up to receive updates of¬†my blog, I would like to bless you with a pansy “frame” where you can write your own phrase or wording. Below¬†¬†is a preview of it.

As I said I am still tweaking this site, so for now, when I receive a confirmation of a subscription, I will manually send out the download link.

Favorite Art Tools. Artists Loft Watercolor pans and Pentel touh Fude pen. #watercolor #artistsloft

You don’t have to spend a huge amount of money to get started with your art. For example, I made this using Artist’s Loft Watercolor pan. ¬†I also used a¬†Pentel Arts Aquash¬†Watercolor pen.

I am hoping to add a new post every week day. So until next time!!!



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